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Breast Cancer Awareness Tote Bag

Ducktivity provided by duct2dawn

I made this bag per the request of my daughter.

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  • HAYNESMONIQUE about 50 months ago
    would love to make this for a church member who is a breast cancer survivor if possible please post the instructions

  • DaisyPower about 51 months ago
    Omg its so preety and for such a good cause too! you can make it in different colors for other types of cancer too!!!

  • Ducky11 about 51 months ago
    THis is amazing!!!!!! It's great that it's for an asome cause too!!!!!!!!!

  • i<3duckies about 51 months ago
    can i just say you are AWSOME at making things out of duct tape i love everything that you make great job on the bag keep up the FANTASTIC work

  • duckygirl17 about 55 months ago
    amazingly pretty and for a grate cause i like it a lot :-)

  • zebrakiss12 about 55 months ago
    I'm running the Susan G. Komen this year and I wish I had one of these to run with. Instructions please! :)

  • duct2dawn about 57 months ago
    You can find zebra print duct tape at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and JoAnns. Target & Walmart do have it. But it's hit or miss.

  • ducttapecrazy about 58 months ago
    Does anyone know where you can get zebra duct tape?! Walmart and Target don't have any!:( Bummer!

  • mollylou9lovesfrogtape about 58 months ago
    Cool! Looks hard to make though

  • lemonduck about 58 months ago
    That is awesome!! :D

  • husky112897 about 58 months ago
    it is awesome

  • husky112897 about 58 months ago
    it is a good thing you did this for breast cancer