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Brown Beige Tote

Ducktivity provided by duct2dawn

I've been wanting to make a purse using the brown Duct Tape. But not only did I want it to be brown, I wanted a different shaped purse. Well, here's what I came up with. I also got to play around with acrylic purse handles.

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  • duct2dawn about 54 months ago
    Thanks for the nice comments everyone. This bag was very easy to make. I don't normally use chipboard in my bags. But sometimes I want a little more stability, as with the front, back & bottom of this one. The bag is simply measured 12" along the top, 8" along the bottom, sides are 12"x4" and the bottom is 8"x4". It's really not top heavy at all. It stands up fine. Thanks again! Have fun!

  • craftyduckgurl about 54 months ago
    so awesome! please post instructions! i luv it! :)

  • kiwifruit16 about 54 months ago
    That's cute! How did you get it to stand up like that since it is top heavy?

  • soup-masta-flex about 54 months ago
    That's pretty sweet but how did you make it?

  • ssallgoood about 54 months ago
    Very cool!

  • WhatsUp about 54 months ago
    That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!