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Burgandy gold makeup purse

Ducktivity provided by cathymelvin

wanted a slightly different bag..a different shape.. it all just came together..i like using different media's..packing tape decorative..plus, velcro dots and ribbon for handle. thanx for looking.

Skill Level: 

Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • burgandy wine
  • gold tape
  • decorative packing tape
  • velcro dots
  • ribbon for handle
  • stickers
  • optional


  • Step 1

    take about 5 strips of any color tape, when done..peel off surface..flip over. on sticky side, put same amount of decorative packing tape.make a pocket. make sides for bag..tape on inside and outside of bag. adding a flap with velcro dot for closure. add 2 more on inside.

  • Step 2

    on outside of bag, add decorative packing tape..even on bottom. all done!