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Cute Tote Bag

Ducktivity provided by kiwifruit16

This adorable purse can be used for a lot of things! Like a swim bag or a purse. Hope you like it! :)

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  • kiwifruit16 about 55 months ago
    ok! thanx!!

  • llamaducktape about 55 months ago
    finnaly get to met the 'donut bag girl' i love your purse :)

  • kiwifruit16 about 55 months ago
    Thanks haileybear:) but, i am not sure if i want one right now but thanks for the offer! :) I was thinking about selling them on ebay maybe. But right now i don't need one. Thanks again!

  • kiwifruit16 about 56 months ago
    Thanks for the comments! :)

  • zebrakiss12 about 56 months ago
    Cute! Keep making duct tape..... awesomeness!

  • dtgeek3 about 56 months ago
    Awesomeness! P.S This is Moo from duct tape geek, I LIKE LLAMAS!

  • kiwifruit16 about 56 months ago
    Thanks for your comments! savvygirl00- The measurements are 10 1/2 inches wide and 9 inches tall and the sides are about 4 inches wide. The flower you can just make it whatever size you want. It takes about half of the design kind if you use a solid color inside. and barly any of the accent color. So the directions might be hard to under stand but ill try. Make to large sheets for the reg part. (follow the measurements above). Then make sides (use measurements) Then make the bottom the same wideness of the sides but as wide as the reg sheets. Then, stick them all together. Then follow the instuctions for the duct tape rose but stick them on flat. next,for the straps, cut a peice as long as u want ur strap and fold it in half and make two. then stick them on from the inside. if you can't understand the instruciont then just ask questions LOL.

  • miss sticky about 56 months ago

  • AmandaPanda about 56 months ago

  • kilij about 56 months ago
    It is adorable but I would love for you to post instructions on the bag and the flower . How much duck tape did u use ?? It looks pretty big in the picture any way it is very cute and neat keep doiNgnwhat u do and please give some instructions so we can follow your lead.... One more question ...... Do sell theses somewhere if u did I would buy and if u do then post a website where I can buy

  • about 56 months ago
    This is sooooo totally adorable!!! Would you be willing to post directions?

  • savvygirl00 about 56 months ago
    I love your style of colors and design! I was wondering how you got the tote size, because my bags now are not wide at all...

  • dtgeek3 about 56 months ago
    Oh my gosh! I absolutely love how you make all of your creations. You are awesome at this stuff!

  • niyah about 56 months ago
    tell me how to make that that is so cool