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Duck Tape Backpack

Ducktivity provided by knitter951

1 Make one 30 by 12 inch sheet of duct tape. This will be used as the back and top flap. 2 Make one 12 by 18 sheet for the front 3 Make one 12 by 7 inch sheet for the bottom. 4 Make two 7 by 18 inch sheets for the sides. 5 Make a 6 by 12 inch sheet to use as a front pouch. 6 Make two very thick 24 inch strips of duct tape for the straps. 7 Tape the sheets together, using one strip of tape on the outside and inside edges of the seams. 8 Tape (and sew, for extra holding power) the straps onto the back in a way that will feel comfortable when you're carrying things. 9 Either cut out button holes (for this method, you must heavily reinforce the holes to prevent ripping) and sew the buttons onto the front so they line up with the holes, or use velcro strips to hold the pack closed and sew the buttons on the flap for decoration. 10 Tape the pouch onto the front so the bottom lines up with the bottom of the front sheet.

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