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Duck Tape Tablet Clutch

Ducktivity provided by cupcake_penguin11

This activity is good for holding any tablet. Nook, Kindle, iPad, it doesn't matter!

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  • dreaming_of_fame101 about 22 months ago
    That's cute!

  • saintsfan about 22 months ago
    I am so going to make this for my kindle. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

  • missducttapequeen about 22 months ago
    Nice job

  • ChocoChippies about 22 months ago
    How do you make this? Please give instructions, My Nook is always just stuffed in a bag and it ended up getting broken! 5 out of 5 stars!

  • Abbo1231 about 25 months ago
    Super Cute! When I make stuff, it never looks this straight or cute. How do you make? It would be so cool to have one at school since we can bring electronics!

  • BrandyBboo about 25 months ago
    How did you make this one?