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Easy 5 Minute Clutch

Ducktivity provided by imaginationgirl03

When I was done I was pretty happy with my resutls. It took about 5 minutes to make.Enjoy!:)INSTRUCTIONS:1. Cut one 6 inch piece with your first color. 2.Take another 6 inch piece and put it over the piece.(when your putting the other piece on top of the other, leave a little space to attach the other pieces.3. Repeat steps 1 &2 3x with differnet colors. Example Like if I had Zebra and Tye-Dye tape,I Would use the pattern of zebra than tye dye .4 Fold piece in half. 5 Tape the two sides . Enjoy!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Scissors
  • Any 2 Colors Of Duck Tape


  • amytremmel about 9 months ago
    so easy and yet so pretty

  • horse53 about 9 months ago

  • dotdel59 about 10 months ago

  • cookies4ever about 12 months ago
    how cool

  • lillygroover about 12 months ago
    so cute!!!

  • ducktapefan134 about 42 months ago
    I'm doing one of those now! But i'm using light blue and splatter cuz i just ran out of zebra.