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flower power

Ducktivity provided by lovehaley2020

#1, pick ur favorite color or print of duck tape. #2 cut five strips about 14 inches long and make a fabric and overlap them just a little bit. #3 cover the other side of the duck tape. #4 then trim off the sides so it makes it look more cleaner. #5 seal off the edges so thers no sicky showing. #6 fold it like a hotdog bun and tape the sides shut. #7 for the strap, cut a piece of tape about a foot long lay it down sicky side up then cut another piece 2 inches shorter.#8 so u have two sicky sides at the end of the strap so what ur gonna do is take ur purse and put one side of the stap and stick is to the side but not all the way down and do it the same to the other side. #9 to make a flower, cut a piece of tape about 3 inches fold it in half so that some sticky is showing then ur gonna cut it to form a petal and do that till u a have a complete flower. #10 THEN UR DONE!!!! THANK U.

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