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Duck Tape® Fruit Style Purse

Ducktivity provided by Duck® Brand

Use these techniques to create your own look or follow the instructions below to create the perfect spring accessory. 

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Duck Tape®
  • Duck Tape® Sheets
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Crafting board


  • Step 1

    Make 2 pieces Duck Tape® fabric using 4 Duck Tape® Sheets. 

  • Step 2

    Place 1 of your pieces of Duck Tape® fabric on your crafting board in front of you. Measure and cut off the top 2 in. of your Duck Tape® fabric.  

  • Step 3

    Fold your Duck Tape® fabric in half width wise and using a pen draw a curve from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner. Cut along the line using scissors. 

  • Step 4

    Trace your half circle of Duck Tape® fabric from step 3 onto your second piece of  Duck Tape® fabric from step 1. Cut it out. 

  • Step 5

    Make a double sided strip of Duck Tape® that is 20 in. long. Set this aside. 

  • Step 6

    Cut a piece of Duck Tape® and place it on your crafting board. 

  • Step 7

    Using your craft knife, cut the strip from step 6 into half inch strips. 

  • Step 8

    Use your 1/2-inch Duck Tape® strips to adhere the Duck Tape® strip you made in step 5 to the curved edge of the half circle of Duck Tape® fabric from step 4. 

  • Step 9

    Repeat steps 7-8 for the other side of the purse. 

  • Step 10

    Make a double sided strip of Duck Tape® that measures the length you want for the strap. 

  • Step 11

    Tape your strap to the sides of your purse using 2 pieces of Duck Tape® on the inside of each side of your purse.

  • Step 12

    For the seeds, draw and cut out 3 tear drop shapes. 

  • Step 13

    Add your seeds to the front of your bag. Add embellishments if desired. 


  • chrkni about 4 days ago
    really cute

  • creativeduck about 4 days ago

  • djfields about 5 days ago

  • redgouki2 about 15 days ago

  • LadyStar10 about 15 days ago

  • mastercrafter about 18 days ago
    it looks yummy

  • mastercrafter about 18 days ago
    it looks yummy

  • greeneyedmike about 21 days ago

  • CraftasticCrafter about 27 days ago
    Sooo cute and 'summery'! Gonna have to make one! Ahh!

  • sarah.wilkinson.127 about a month ago
    Cute summer bag idea

  • mastercrafter about a month ago
    its so cute

  • alyshaj about a month ago
    this is good for summer

  • joy.mccollumporter about a month ago

  • susan.smithscardina about a month ago

  • moonglo615 about a month ago

  • elenaki44 about a month ago
    so cute and clever!

  • jrthurmand about a month ago

  • sherry.meeks.96 about a month ago
    love it

  • dotdel60 about a month ago

  • dotdel59 about a month ago

  • heartyaps about a month ago
    Love the idea

  • sherry.meeks.96 about a month ago

  • Emma1351 about 2 months ago

  • tapeiscool about 2 months ago
    fruity! :)

  • tapeiscool about 2 months ago
    fruity! :)

  • ninas1 about 2 months ago
    Works great as a coin purse, too.

  • susan.smithscardina about 2 months ago

  • DT14 about 2 months ago

  • pillowback3lw1@aol.com about 2 months ago

  • evilmanmike about 2 months ago

  • megan.santilli.5 about 2 months ago

  • JennyJellyBean about 2 months ago

  • lauralg about 3 months ago

  • Ducttapelover339 about 3 months ago

  • Crazzything2 about 3 months ago
    kinda tricky, but cute.

  • Kamie about 3 months ago

  • chipsAhoy about 3 months ago
    2 ahsum 2 not try

  • pillowback3lw1@aol.com about 4 months ago
    to cute

  • mayancranston about 4 months ago
    love it

  • lola8670 about 4 months ago
    that is really nice for the summer (great for picnic)

  • peyton.danthony about 4 months ago
    can I make this without a craft knife?

  • flyfly123 about 4 months ago

  • molly.priester about 4 months ago
    tooo cute

  • eli15876 about 4 months ago

  • Yellow Ducky about 4 months ago

  • lori.gazaille about 4 months ago
    This is adorable for spring and summer.

  • shannan.robeton about 4 months ago

  • hsa.de.16 about 5 months ago

  • KylaWhyla about 5 months ago
    Definitely doing these

  • gracieboo5 about 5 months ago

  • Nani1272000 about 5 months ago
    These re so fun, and cute! And actually quite simple, I've already sold about 4 of these purses! :)

  • citlaly45 about 5 months ago

  • JBailey5 about 5 months ago

  • eli15876 about 5 months ago
    luv it

  • grace.rodden.9 about 5 months ago

  • destinyboer1616 about 5 months ago

  • cc45 about 5 months ago

  • sarah.potter.94214 about 6 months ago
    awesome, really like this!

  • DT14 about 6 months ago

  • bellarachelscrafts about 6 months ago

  • manon.dumay.716 about 6 months ago
    This is so cute

  • soni about 6 months ago

  • sonam about 6 months ago

  • caraleann99 about 6 months ago
    Pretty neat!

  • Sunshine23 about 6 months ago

  • triasm about 6 months ago

  • bellarachelscrafts about 7 months ago
    very cute

  • Blazer19 about 7 months ago
    cool brah

  • animagus731 about 7 months ago
    super cute

  • soleil.drew about 7 months ago
    this is awesome,i wish i could make it but i dont have any plain color duck tapes

  • LeeSusan about 7 months ago
    That is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable

  • jarrasomnia about 7 months ago
    great project i made a couple a few years ago.

  • katrin96840 about 7 months ago

  • hatcher4571 about 7 months ago
    i love this its a geart idiea

  • fanJules about 8 months ago
    so sweet !!!!!

  • swanbeauty4000 about 8 months ago
    does it have to be a fruit?

  • charlottehank about 8 months ago
    this would be awesome for summer!

  • zoee.jones.167 about 8 months ago

  • Duck love about 8 months ago
    So cute

  • DuckyCrafts about 8 months ago
    This would look really cute at a picnic!

  • nikki254 about 8 months ago
    I like this it is cute

  • maranda.smith.3532 about 8 months ago
    <3 it

  • jakehasz about 8 months ago

  • PKozma about 9 months ago

  • kemma17 about 9 months ago
    this is the cutest little purse i have ever seen i am going to try it out

  • SueQ about 9 months ago
    I love this idea! I'm going to try it out!

  • 36MaRomero about 9 months ago

  • jones.pam2 about 9 months ago

  • soccergirl21502 about 9 months ago
    cute :)

  • Willyhend7 about 9 months ago
    SO cool LIKE IT

  • zebrabiz. about 9 months ago
    omg im making that right now it fun :D

  • DTL about 9 months ago
    the seeds look... funny... Otherwise its really cool

  • Gummy Bear123 about 13 months ago
    Cool! I wanna make one or something like it...

  • RubberDuckTaper about 18 months ago
    AWESOMMEEE! i want to make a watermelon!

  • cupcakecutiepie about 30 months ago
    looks awesome i am going to make that literally right now!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU DUCK BRAND DUCT TAPE

  • ducktapefreak! about 30 months ago

  • koalahugger48 about 31 months ago
    awesome i made mini watermelon

  • tay<3tape about 34 months ago
    Cute! I can't wait to make it! :)

  • duck tape ninja about 34 months ago
    those r cute!

  • schneider about 35 months ago
    i hate this thing

  • Macie about 36 months ago
    Omgoodness!!! This is sooo cute I am trying to make it!!

  • burberry123 about 36 months ago

  • wyllow13 about 36 months ago
    OK...duct tape "fabric" is a piece of duct tape that has more duct tape stuck to the other side. The back piece is put on the opossite way so that the sticky sides are stuck together. This forms a piece of "fabric" with color on both sides. In this way you can work with it just like any other fabric. You can use any size duct tape to make the "fabric", whatever your craft calls for.

  • sydrock about 37 months ago
    i love it i am so going to try it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Audrina01 about 37 months ago
    very nice. it is fun yet fitting for summer time.

  • Elliedancer about 37 months ago
    Very cute!

  • ILOVEDUCTTAPE!! about 37 months ago
    What is duct tape fabric?

  • birds&ducttape about 37 months ago
    GOOD JOB!!!!

  • birds&ducttape about 37 months ago

  • Cheer01 about 37 months ago
    Very cool!Do you use duct tape sheets for it?

  • toungelikecandy about 37 months ago
    this is amazing... cant wait to try it out!!! : )

  • Ducky11 about 37 months ago
    Errr an apple has white insides and red outs sides! An APPLE!!!!!!!

  • duk2gether17 about 37 months ago
    i found how to make duck tape fabric but i dont get it

  • cupcakes_n_duct_tape about 38 months ago
    Im making one right now! Its really cute but took like 5 minutes to figure out what duct tape fabric is. im on step four where i attach the half circles

  • duk2gether17 about 38 months ago
    what is duck tape faric?

  • duk2gether17 about 38 months ago
    what is DUCK TAPE FABRIC??!?!?!?!

  • duk2gether17 about 38 months ago

  • duk2gether17 about 38 months ago

  • iloveducktape12345 about 38 months ago
    hey kaitlin i know what friut has red skin and a white inside.... AN APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • giannad13 about 38 months ago
    It's a super cute summer craft, but not for a beginner. the instructions aren't very thorough, and are difficult to understand. it would be alot better if there was a video, or pictures to go along with the directions. If you are a beginner, i suggest you get more experience before attempting this project.

  • Nerdygirl98 about 38 months ago
    I agree with Dontyougetit

  • Ducktapefan13<3 about 38 months ago
    I love this but i didn't get the directions:( so im off to the store to get the tape and im going to make one with my own directions!!!

  • Nerdygirl98 about 38 months ago
    It looks easy but the instructions, not so much.

  • dontyougetit about 38 months ago
    i like the idea but its kinda strange to carry around a fruit bag

  • Shayshaypink about 38 months ago
    Any suggestions on how to get a perfect circle? Thanks!

  • ducttapecupcake about 38 months ago
    OMG that is so cute!!! I will so make one in the pink and green!!! :)

  • sepb about 38 months ago
    Sure this bag is cute, but I literally just made this bag and it is pretty difficult for a beginner craft. First of all, most of the steps were very hard for me to understand, and I'm 13. When whatever it sounded like for example when it said for you to cut a half-circle in the edge of your bag, in the picture it didn't look like a half-circle had been cut into it. It took me longer than 45 minutes, more like two hours, to do this craft. I ended up making another pocket because that skinny one is just too little for me to hold anything. Overall, CUTE BUT DIFFICULT!

  • QUACKYCHICK about 38 months ago
    I <3 it I might make one for school

  • QUACKYCHICK about 38 months ago
    can u please post more pictures cute but hard 2 understand

  • pst224 about 39 months ago
    super cute for the summer but the deretions are hard sorry

  • Nani1272000 about 40 months ago
    I made one and then showed my friends, and now everyone wants one. and i only charge $3.00 and no one complains!!! everyone thinks it,s very cute!!! :-)

  • msquare about 41 months ago
    So cute! haven't tried it but ive seen it b4 and though it was adorable! always wondered who made it:)

  • kelseyjane008 about 42 months ago
    i reeeeally want to make the watermelon one but im not sure how many rolls of each color to buy. i need someones help whos made this pne before :)

  • kelseyjane008 about 42 months ago
    it says "duck tape fabric" but im not sure what that is & it doesnt seem to have it anywhere on this site, help???

  • left-tape-duck about 45 months ago
    I love to make these bags. There really fun and easy to make, and they don't take that long.

  • lexit2 about 48 months ago
    OMG!!! i love it!!! :) :D

  • spongeforgood1 about 50 months ago
    So cute and cool and fun! I'm a vegetarian, so thats a great way to express myself!!!

  • lellow67 about 50 months ago
    THIS IS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD! My children loved it and ever since then i have made almost 15 once you get the hang of it they are very easy and fun to walk around with

  • Ducktapelover11 about 51 months ago
    Never tried it but seemed AWESOME!!!! Super cute, maybe i'll invite my friends to see it!!

  • snickledoodle about 52 months ago
    OMG that purse is so cute

  • GetAMac1998 about 52 months ago
    Hey that sounds pretty cool but kinda hard.

  • zmack about 52 months ago
    This is so adorable. I want to try it out with my tye die duck tape

  • zenna about 53 months ago

  • duckgirl13 about 53 months ago
    Awesome I wish I could make one of those but don't have the time and money! but that is cool!

  • Smiley1010 about 53 months ago
    Seems cool but it's not very easy

  • pigtapir723 about 54 months ago
    this is really fun i made a small watermelon 1 and a small cantalope w/ matching coin purses. i ran out of pink makeing these they r awsome!luv them!!!

  • ducktapewalets2 about 54 months ago
    i love the way it looks, but i dont quite see how to make it.... the directions dont make sense to me

  • iluvchip about 54 months ago
    it was surprisingly easy and all of my friends LOVED it!

  • soup-masta-flex about 54 months ago
    I think it is awsome!!!!! But I still need to figure out step 3! Can someone Help?!

  • quackerz about 54 months ago
    looks hard

  • duct4ry about 54 months ago
    that sounds pretty cool but could you add some pictures cuz its kinda hard to understand!

  • nemo9603 about 54 months ago
    this is pretty cute : )

  • sora892 about 54 months ago
    cool and simple i guess

  • appleamalie about 55 months ago
    those are so cool!!!!!!!! i half to buy more duck tape so i can make alot of them

  • Tom about 55 months ago
    The white/red one is an apple and the pink/green one is a watermelon.

  • kaitlin about 55 months ago
    Cute idea. I'm not sure why you need to cover a lot of the purse in red just to cut it off again; wouldn't it be easier just to trim the edges in red? Very clear instructions. I'm just not sure what fruit has red skin and a white inside??

  • phoenixgrace2 about 55 months ago
    your idea seems great, and cool, but I think you need a bigger shoulder strap

  • ducktapedude about 55 months ago