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Giant Soccer Mom Tote Bag

Ducktivity provided by duct2dawn

As the name of the bag indicates, I'm a soccer mom! So I made a tote bag to carry around all our STUFF we need for our soccer filled weekends. The bag measures 18"x12"x6".

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  • duct tape mania 13 about 25 months ago

  • duct2dawn about 51 months ago
    Hey everyone, thanks for all the kind words. I have since made this same bag in black with white letters. VERY cool! I'd be glad to share directions on how to make it. Email me if you want them! Thanks again!

  • princessashleyrae about 52 months ago
    hey everyone!! i love ducktape but how do u make this??? it dosent tell u how???

  • Beto Gonzalez about 52 months ago
    thats awsome u should put the instructions,i want 2 make 1 2 my mom cause she loves soccer good job duct2dawn

  • dtluvr about 53 months ago
    Not trying to be rude, but luckyduckie9, it doesnt really matter if its 100% ducktape or not it looks amazing.

  • LuckyDuckie9 about 54 months ago
    so its not 100% duct tape...

  • soccersurf13 about 55 months ago
    Thats a really good bag, I'm always traveling the country with me or my bro soccer teams and that seems like a good bag to have maybe you should make a ball bag (:

  • about 55 months ago
    Wow! This is amazing, would you be willing to post instructions?

  • juswakiforduckbrand about 55 months ago
    Awesome Job! I'd use it.... Keep up the Awesome Creations!

  • duct2dawn about 55 months ago
    Thanks! The straps are simply duct tape wrapped around a length of rope that I purchased from Lowe's.

  • kiwifruit16 about 56 months ago
    That is really good! How did you do the straps?