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How to Make a Duck Tape® Purse

Ducktivity provided by KT Bill

Just a shiny little purse I made for my mate's sister for Christmas.There's a cute little pocket inside for CANDY!!!*For all ye who like to know dimensions: 7"x9"x2" approximately and I have NO clue how long that strap is.

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  • taylorswift <3 <3 about 26 months ago
    sooooooooooooooooo cute! to DIE for! show me how! :)!

  • rahma about 30 months ago
    wow you did awsome

  • ductluver669 about 49 months ago

  • princessashleyrae about 52 months ago
    UMMMMMMM............. DIRECTIONS PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • abilenne14 about 52 months ago
    how dp u make it?

  • dancing4me101 about 56 months ago
    that is so cool but i need to find ot how to make it pppllllzzz show soon

  • craftysyd about 58 months ago
    Love this!!! Please let me know where to find your instructions so I can make one! Thanks!!

  • cartersissy about 58 months ago
    cute but where are the directions?

  • KT Bill about 65 months ago
    Oh my! I forgot to put directions! >_______< I'm so sorry about that! To make it up to you, I will make a proper tutorial... WITH PICTURES!!! And thank you all for the kind comments. :> I really really appreciate it!

  • zmack about 65 months ago
    it's relly cool but how do you make it?

  • jade21 about 66 months ago
    Really cool! But, I want to know how to make one! How do you?

  • duct4ry about 66 months ago
    ok it looks really cool but WHERE ARE THE DIRECTIONS?

  • appleamalie about 68 months ago
    i thinck this is a cool idea i love making purses out off duck tape and then i always put cool buttons on it so it will stay shut in sted of the flap u used

  • Duct-UP Chick about 68 months ago
    Ok this is a great idea but WHERE ARE THE DIRECTIONS??!!

  • stickypup about 68 months ago
    AMAZEING! A job well done, the purse is cute I never seen one made of duck tape before. Very nice! :D 5 stars!!!!!

  • kaitlin about 68 months ago
    Thats sooo cute. I LOVE the braided strap-- I've always just used duct tape folded in half for it, but the braided is so much cuter. 5 stars for a job well done!!