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I <3 NY!

Ducktivity provided by nini278

Step 1: Cut 4 pieces of duck tape 2 feet long. Stick the sides together.Step 2: Cut 9 pieces of duck tape 1 foot long. Stick the tops of the tape to the sides.Step 3: Use the red duck tape and the chrome tape to make the middle. Use the sticky side and tape that to the yellow tapes side.Step 4: Tape the sides. Tape I heart NY!.Step 5: Tape a strap.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Scissors
  • Red Duck Tape
  • Green Duck Tape
  • Yellow Duck Tape


  • diante213 about 9 months ago

  • PKozma about 14 months ago

  • amandad36 about 14 months ago

  • fanJules about 14 months ago

  • sherry.meeks.96 about 15 months ago

  • manon.dumay.716 about 15 months ago
    Made me smile :)

  • Dancer4969 about 47 months ago
    lol i know her its not backwards its just wen she pointed it at the camera it was backwards....trust me i was wit her

  • mimi03 about 47 months ago
    hey is it backwads or did u take the pic in front of a mirror

  • Dancer4969 about 47 months ago
    Luv it Nini :-) btw its Ashlin!!!