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mini purse

Ducktivity provided by jgosnell29

hey I'm Jesse, this ducktivity is really cool to make, it looks really good it can fit a lot of things.it has a wristlet, a Ziploc coin pouch on the back. the coin pouch can fit at least 40 quarters. "maybe even more". it only takes about 30 minutes "if your good" , but sometimes it might take an hour. I have videos on YouTube on how to make them so watch the video!!! !DUCTTAPE!

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  • ducktape_girls3 about 27 months ago
    directions?? I really want to make it :)

  • Potterpanda109 about 29 months ago
    Please post directions

  • hiba about 29 months ago
    whats your you tube user name i want to check it out