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Monogrammed Tote

Ducktivity provided by duct2dawn

I made this as a Christmas gift for my daughters teacher. Used the Cookie Dough & Purple Duchess tape.

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  • duct2dawn about 57 months ago
    Hi Eva777 - Thank you for your comment. The bag was very easy to make. The measurements are 12"x12"x4". And I think the straps are 16" each. I used the Cookie Dough tape and the purple (sorry, forgot the name of the purple) for the interior of the bag & trim. The ribbon is just a piece I had laying around. That's pretty much it, but let me know if you have any other questions. My email address is dmbibbs@bellsouth.net. Merry Christmas!

  • Eva777 about 57 months ago
    This is so cute and a really good idea for a teachers gift.. how long did it take and do you have directions for it.If so I would love to get them from you...

  • grifzook about 57 months ago
    thats cool