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purple and white checkered purse

Ducktivity provided by dcthomas1020@yahoo.com

first weave the 6 white 11.5 strips and the 6 purple ones together . then fold any extra siding onto the sticky side .then stick the 6 7 inch strips on the sticky side of the weaving. then fold in halve and take 5.5 inch white strips and stick halves together from inside keeping sides together. then take the 15 inch purple strip and stick ends to top folds for a handle .then take the 6 7 inch strips and stick back to back and overlap each one to make a sheet then take 12 inches of a half strip and tie around middle to make a bow the stick to middle then take the flower and stick on bottom of handle the you have your own purple and white checkered purse have fun. sincerely Thomas Carroll for girls

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