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Round Pink Zebra Purse

Ducktivity provided by ducttapebffs77

I made this because I was tired of the traditional square duct tape purses. This round purse is all duck brand duct tape, and nothing else. I lined the inside with plain duct tape, and then covered it in the pink zebra. Both layers helped make it stronger. The flower adds a cute touch and since its black it makes it pop!

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  • duckystick about 48 months ago
    Oh this is so cute! Will you post instructions? Thanks! Happy Duck-Taping!

  • db4eva about 50 months ago
    OMG! I like totally love that purse! It's adorable! I can't wait to make one like it, just one problem... i don't know how. So can you please post the instructions please. Thanks it means a lot! :oD

  • Kat765 about 51 months ago
    I was looking and looking for a cute ductivity to make and i kept coming back to this!!!!! its so cute! I made one just like it but with yellow and splatter paint tape! Thanks for the adorable idea!!

  • GuineaPigLuver about 51 months ago
    Very cute! And thanks for the instructions! ;)

  • kiwifruit16 about 54 months ago
    I made something like this. It is the same basic structure but i added different things too it so it doesn't look like the same purse at all. I think i will put it on here soon but i gave it to my friend so i will have to ask her to take a pic of it. lol

  • Duck_Girl about 54 months ago
    i LOVE this!!!

  • ducttapebffs77 about 54 months ago
    For those of you who are making it, I hope that is turns out good! Yeah, sorry about the messy directions... This was kind of a spur of the moment project, so I didn't write any of the directions down ahead of time! (:

  • kiwifruit16 about 54 months ago
    After i read it over a few times i think i got it! I am going to make a purse similar to this and it really helped! Thanks!

  • dcsell about 54 months ago
    Thats so cute ilove the colors and the flower is so cute it adds that touch

  • ducttapebffs77 about 54 months ago
    The flower is just a daisy flat. Instead of wrapping it around a straw, you lay it out on the purse. Start from the outside and make a circle, then keep moving it until no zebra is showing on the bottom. Put a small piece of zebra to hold it in place. You can pretty much make it as big as you want... Mine would have been much bigger but I was about to run out of black duct tape, lol. @kiwifruit16- I had them all spaced and everything so it was easier to see before, but the duck people appparently take it away! :( Lat me know if you have any questions!

  • kiwifruit16 about 54 months ago
    Thanks! I think i kinda got the instructions! lol

  • stickysituation0216 about 54 months ago
    how exactly did u do the flower on it???? i love it!!!!!!!!

  • sfclimbs about 54 months ago
    OMG this is soooooo cute!!! :)

  • heather24242 about 54 months ago
    wow! That is so awesome! How did u make the flower on the purse?

  • 149nfb about 54 months ago
    Your purse is COOL!!!! you have to post how you made it!! i really want to know!!

  • ducttapebffs77 about 54 months ago
    Thanks everyone! (: @dtgeek3- I got it at my local walmart. @kiwifruit16- Before I came up with this design, all I had made was a bow too! lol (: Ok, lets see if I can get all of the instructions on this page. 1) You need to make 2 sheets, a little bigger then the size of the purse you want. I used plain duct tape just for price sake. 2)Round the bottom two corners with sissors. This makes it easier to fold. 3)Cut two slits on each rounded corner. They should be about 2 inches long, and the slits should be about 2 inches abart from each other. 4)Push either side of one slit together, making it round. Do this on each slit, on both sheets. (This is the hardest thing to explain through post, but youll know when you do it. It goes from being 2D to 3D!) 5)After that, you pretty much do it like a regular purse. Duct tape the two peices together, then cover it in regular duct tape! Add whatever kind of strap you want, and Poof! You have an awesomely round purse! Just type back if you have any more questions, or if I didn't explain something right!

  • peaceloveducttape about 54 months ago
    WOW!! Very impressive!!!

  • mkbrown04 about 54 months ago
    would like to know how you made this! its cute!

  • <3duckielove127<3 about 54 months ago
    This is absolutely amazingggg!!! Can you post instructions? :D

  • buttierfly about 54 months ago
    thats awesome!!!!!!! i love the flower!! and the shape!!!!!!

  • auburn1996 about 54 months ago
    Oh my goodness, this is adorable... I was trying to make something sort of similar with purple and normal zebra earlier, for a friend. This one is way better. (I made a non-square purse but it also wasn't really round. You aren't the only one who doesn't like the square design)

  • kiwifruit16 about 54 months ago
    OH MY WORD! THAT IS THE CUTEST PURSE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!! I have that duct tape and haven't made anything but a hair bow with it yet!

  • HistoryGeek97 about 54 months ago
    Super cute!! Would you post instructions?

  • bluzebra148 about 54 months ago
    omg this is soooooo pretty how did u mke it !

  • dtgeek3 about 54 months ago
    OMG! I love it! Where did you find the Pink Zebra Duct Tape?