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ruffle purse

Ducktivity provided by ruffles190057

step1:choose 2 colors of duct tape one for inside other for out step2:make 6 to 7 pieces of duct tape (lenght 8 inches) step 3 :repeat step 2 with the other color the lay them on top of each other step4:once you made the sheet of duct tape fold like a book leaving a inch hanging over step5:take to pieces of duct tape and tape up the two ends step6;make a strip of duct tape 18inches long then fold leaving a cm left step 7;start from the bottom of the purse make hill that a pencil can fit through then you can press them down step8; work your way up the purse until you have about an inch left step9;fold the extra piece of duct tape that should be left then add velcro for it to stick step10;optional add a chain from the inside CREDITS TO THE PIC THIS IS MY INSPIRATION I GOT THE PIC FROM CREATED BY A AWESOME CRATER OH MANDE... CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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