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Shoulder bag with bow

Ducktivity provided by Tapelover10141015

This was my first duct tape craft and I think it came out ok. It was a little small so it would work better with a bigger make up bag!

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  • Sourbear about 26 months ago

  • millimandtk about 30 months ago
    Wow that is a cool hand bag. Nice work!

  • Nani1272000 about 30 months ago
    This is wayyy better than the first duct tape purse I mad a a long time ago!:) This is good, and if you're doubting yourself you'll be surprised after you do it on how much better you'll become at it. Please comment and rate my new 1st ducktivity ever posted.Here's the link: www.duckbrand.com/duck-tape-club/ducktivities/purses-and-handbags/mickey-mouse-messenger-bag_1364932431