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Splatter Paint Summer Purse

Ducktivity provided by ducttapebffs77

My next creation! I created this the other day because I needed something newer and summerish. I totally love it! The splatter paint duct tape was found at walmart, and the inside of the purse is made with regular duct tape. (As always) I modeled it after a designer purse I found online, right down to the charms in the front. Took me about 3 hours to make.

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  • Step 1

    There isn't really alot I can tell you when it comes to making this purse. I did a basic triangle purse, but just made it a little more rounded. I added the flap and straps on the sides just to make it look cute. The charms were modeled after the designer who made this purse, its just a mumbo jumbo of a bunch of different stuff. Velcro is used to secure it on top.

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  • cmanni99 about 49 months ago
    That is such a great idea! People spend so much money on designer purses! You are very creative!!!!!

  • i<3me16 about 49 months ago
    @ducttapebffs77- they sell paint splatter at target too

  • ducttapebffs77 about 50 months ago
    @duck_tape_chic- Actually, me and my best friends make and sell duct tape stuff on Ebay. Were just starting out, but people really like our stuff. I would sell this one, but my walmart stopped carrying the splatter paint duct tape... :(

  • duck_tape_chic about 50 months ago
    I wish you had put the instructions. It's so cute. I want one. Did you ever think about starting a website and selling these. -A good website to start a website would be WEB.COM (not caps!) Duck Tape Chic

  • ducttapebffs77 about 50 months ago
    Thanks so much everyone!(: With the website update and all, I had no idea I had this many comments! Well, for starters, it was not too hard of a purse. The main thing was that instead of flat triangle sides, they are more rounded. (using scissors of course) If your duck tape challenged, then you might have a few issues... XD Oh, and also, @Diva Dt, im so glad you like it! Ill make sure to check out and rate your stuff too!

  • gollygirl2256 about 50 months ago
    Show me your ways oh wise one!!!! :D

  • 27BRACELETS about 50 months ago
    I made one last night,it was the best!!! I used splatter duct tape for the outside of the purse and peace sign duct tape for the inside of the purse.Then I used polka dot duct tape to seal the sides. I don't think this was that hard, you just need to take your time. I think it was alot of fun! I love duct tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DuckTapeGirl43 about 51 months ago
    Soo cool! You can get splatter duck tape at A.C. Moore and Walmart.

  • Diva DT about 51 months ago
    Hi this the honor star of 2011 i started to be a duck tape person too i am Diva Dt i made a purse i love the purse you gave me thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please comment on my stuff to please

  • kalpal about 51 months ago
    You can get that duck tape at micheals and your purse is better than coach;)

  • kalpal about 51 months ago
    They have that duck tape at michaels. your better than coach

  • Duct Tape Creations about 51 months ago
    HOW DID U MAKE THAT? it would take me like...4 years to even make something close to it! FANTASTICO!

  • camopup27 about 51 months ago
    OMG! How did you do the splatters?

  • megacountrygirl21 about 51 months ago
    This is really really cool. I would like to make one, but I have no idea how you created it.

  • megacountrygirl21 about 51 months ago
    This is really, really cool, but I have no idea how to make it.

  • ducktapeluver9860 about 51 months ago
    that is the coolest thing i've seen ever!!!

  • NeonChicka about 51 months ago
    That is so cute!!! I love splatter paint and it's even better on duck tape!!!

  • Jesus14Freak about 51 months ago
    Very cute, I just got that tape (found it at a dollar store) and had to find some idea to use for such a creative tape! :)

  • GummyTape321 about 51 months ago
    plz leave instructions!=D

  • wings4ever about 51 months ago
    where did you find the splatter paint duct tape?

  • Faithlynn about 51 months ago
    OMG! This bag is amazing!!! It looks designer, dosn't even look like duck tape!!!

  • Nani1272000 about 52 months ago
    Sooooooooooo cute.I love it, it looks like it took you a little while to make it. But it looks very creative,and from the looks of it, it turned out pretty good. - Nani1272000

  • i<3ducktape123 about 52 months ago
    I have the same duck tape and I got mine at Walmart too.

  • dolphinduct about 52 months ago

  • kat&jul461 about 52 months ago
    that is really cool!

  • c1ard about 52 months ago

  • kit_kat_22 about 52 months ago
    what are the dimensions? please post an answer back:)

  • kit_kat_22 about 52 months ago
    what are the dimensions? please post an answer back:)

  • <3DuckieTape<3 about 52 months ago
    WOW this is so cute!

  • ryanjaclyn about 52 months ago
    love the purse its cool :)

  • kit_kat_22 about 52 months ago
    that is possibly the most amazing purse ever!!! :)

  • 14239moore about 52 months ago
    the best purse ive ever seen. im pretty new to the duct tape world but i make duct tape flowers

  • noel502 about 52 months ago
    Really cute!

  • buttierfly about 52 months ago
    where did u find the paint slpatter duck tape!!???