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Sunshine Tote Bag

Ducktivity provided by aheitz

My daughter needed a bag to put swimming stuff in for day care, so I made this for her. Flamingo pink, white, teal, and purple duck tape on the outside. Lined in yellow on the inside with a velcro closure. No pockets.

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  • Luanajw about 10 months ago

  • Luanajw about 10 months ago

  • Barbaraboo about 23 months ago
    Could you email me the directions to make this bag ? I would like to make 2 of them for my nieces. Schrock85@comcast.net Thank you Barbara

  • Barbaraboo about 23 months ago
    Could you email me directions to make this bag. I would really like to make it for my two nieces. thank you

  • stickytaper about 25 months ago
    great job!! it looks awesome!

  • qwerty5656 about 43 months ago
    cool i like the colors...pretty!

  • LPeterson about 43 months ago
    omg great job girl can u email me the instuctions

  • softballgirl9 about 44 months ago
    adorable! i wish i had 1! looks like lots of time & effort though....haha jk!

  • theduck about 44 months ago
    That is like the cutest bag I have ever seen!!!

  • macintoshparker about 45 months ago
    2 cute!! i love it. good duck-taping girl!! i luv the sun!!

  • starwarsgirl about 45 months ago
    This bag has summer written all over it love it :)

  • sheila794 about 45 months ago
    can u email me instruction on how to make this bag

  • SqueakyPickles about 46 months ago
    This bag is really cool!I love the sun!

  • SqueakyPickles about 46 months ago
    I think this is really cool!, the suns face is cute!

  • luckyduck2016 about 46 months ago