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Weaved Purse and Wallet

Ducktivity provided by haileybearr:)

This is the first purse I have ever made, and I think it turned out pretty well. I love using it because it is very durable, and I love the colors. If you want more ideas, or want to look at more of my stuff, visit my websitewww.theducktapery.weebly.comThanks, and happy duck-taping!!(:

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  • qwerty5656 about 30 months ago
    this is so cool all the edges are sooooooo clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • lovetoducttape about 31 months ago
    Can you put up the instructions on how to do this? I would love to make one form my 7 year old little girl !!!

  • haileybearr:) about 32 months ago
    Thanks for the nice comments (again, lol:D)! and @birds&ducttape- yes it is! The bag has a grey inside though.. I can make one just like it again though! The bag and wallet together are $25.00 (including shipping), but if you would like the one with grey inside, I'll give it to you for $20.00 (including shipping)! It's first come, first serve though, I'm making this offer as of 8/30/11! Thanks again, haileybearr:) (theducktapery.weebly.com) happy duck-taping! :)

  • birds&ducttape about 32 months ago
    SOOOOOOOOO cool please leave info BTW is it up for sale?

  • duck_tape_chic about 32 months ago
    I dont get why you people dont put in instructions so we could make one! Think about it! LOVE IT! Duck Tape Chic

  • haydiebear about 32 months ago
    Awesome choice of color!!! Very creative. Thinking of making that........

  • music2500 about 32 months ago

  • haileybearr:) about 32 months ago
    Thanks for all the nice comments! I'm glad you like it! I'm working on posting on my other bags but the ducktivites aren't posting... if you want to see them just go to my website (www.theducktapery.weebly.com). Thanks(:

  • sfclimbs about 33 months ago
    Amazing... <333 the wallet

  • cmanni99 about 33 months ago
    It looks very nice,I would like to make one too! It would be nice to put instructions up! Thanks for the ideas!!!!!! It is definitely a 5 star ducktivity!!!

  • HORSESROCK211 about 33 months ago
    These are reallt cute!!!!!

  • klinglerjh about 33 months ago
    INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!! This s a crafting site not a look what I did!!!!!!

  • Jocelynn about 33 months ago
    they look so cool

  • Craftastic Crafts about 33 months ago

  • alysec about 33 months ago
    i like the colors and they were donr neatly

  • goneducky about 34 months ago
    I love it! Can I please have the instructions......

  • Malkin.is#1 about 34 months ago
    So cute! I am making my in different colors though.

  • kstock11 about 34 months ago
    ok thats so cool but there really pricey on her website and I have my own little duck tape business and I sell a tote like that for $5 not $20 any ways cool i guess just lower the prices

  • Alleycat313 about 34 months ago
    I love the colors! I tried to make a purse, but mine never turn out as planed.=[ Does anyone have any hints or tricks?:)

  • gymnasticsrocks about 34 months ago

  • ducttape2510 about 34 months ago
    Wow!!! The bag looks so good it almost doesnt look woven!

  • gymnasticsrocks about 34 months ago
    awesome thats soo cool and its realy cool that its your first purse

  • gymnasticsrocks about 34 months ago
    so cool its awesome :)

  • Beto Gonzalez about 34 months ago
    ii hate it Jk it is cool

  • ducttape boss :P about 34 months ago
    i like it! nice job! :P

  • DUCKLOVER421 about 34 months ago
    wow really gr8 job can u post insructions

  • LuckyDuckie9 about 34 months ago
    dtluvr, actually i can do something like it... but atleast 5 times better...

  • haleypony19 about 34 months ago

  • WhatsUp about 34 months ago
    Love it and you website!

  • lol355 about 34 months ago
    four stars because i would like to know how to make it

  • kit_kat_22 about 35 months ago
    this is cool i love it!

  • ducktapefan1999 about 35 months ago
    luv the design....definatly a rly great bag tht would attract lots of attention

  • duct tape tori about 35 months ago
    I love the purse, it's so cute! I made a wallet just like that! The colors look so good together!

  • WhatsUp about 35 months ago

  • Ducttaperox about 35 months ago

  • Duck_Girl about 35 months ago
    i love i hav to make one

  • dtluvr about 35 months ago
    Luckyduckie9, the reason its top rated is because its amazing. id like to see you do something ezactly like it. ever heard of the saying, "if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at ALL". i really love this purse

  • LuckyDuckie9 about 35 months ago
    wow... this is the top rated??? and i have a duct tape HAMMOCK on here!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IchigoStrawberry9816 about 36 months ago
    This is so professional! You have some talent, and you can rock duck tape. :)

  • deerboy2010 about 36 months ago

  • Rusty260 about 36 months ago
    Luv the colors! This is deffently something to make if you LOVE DUCT TAPE!

  • dtluvr about 36 months ago
    This purse and wallet is amazing!! love it!

  • Duck-Tape-Fanatic about 36 months ago
    I love the colors and I think that both the purse and the wallet are really awesome.

  • tldr123 about 36 months ago
    cool! this is awsesome!!!

  • buttierfly about 36 months ago
    i luv the colors!!

  • 21st centery girl about 36 months ago
    its ok relly cute but not something i would make but relly cute

  • bail12173g about 36 months ago
    Love it!