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Woven Velcro Clutch

Ducktivity provided by 12345soda

This is a cool clutch that all your friends will be jealous about.

Skill Level: 

Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Scissors
  • 2 rolls of Duck Tape
  • Ruler


  • Step 1

    1.) First you'll need at least 2 different types of Duck® tape

  • Step 2

    2.) Then cut out 4 8 in. strips, fold them in half the long way

  • Step 3

    3.) Next cut out 8 4.5 in. strips, fold those likewise

  • Step 4

    4.) Put 1 the of strips over and under the long strips

  • Step 5

    5.) Tape the back of the first strip to secure the beginning of the clutch, make sure that none of the four strips is going to fall off if flipped upside-down

  • Step 6

    6.) "Weave" the other 7 strips each one alternating which starts over and which starts under

  • Step 7

    7.) Repeat step 5 with the last strip to secure the first of two parts

  • Step 8

    8.) Repeat steps 2-7 if you want both sides to be woven

  • Step 9

    10.) To make one of the accordion sides you need to cut out 2 pieces as tall as your first piece. Fold them in half and make sure they are the same height.

  • Step 10

    11.) Next cut a strip of your Duck tape and attach it to each of your pieces folded in half, make sure that there is a small crevice between both pieces so they can fold inwards when attached

  • Step 11

    12.) Take another strip as tall as the last and cut it in half, then put one half on one side of the pieces you just taped together leaving a little to attach to the front and back. Repeat with the other side as well

  • Step 12

    12.) Repeat steps 9-11

  • Step 13

    13.) If you have velcro that you can peel the back off use a thin strip and attach to both sides of the clutch. Now you have your own woven purse!