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big awesome backpack

Ducktivity provided by lilith1736

i made this for school one day when i was bored.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • any color duct tape (lots)
  • scissors
  • any color duct tape (lots)
  • scissors


  • dennelau000 about 8 months ago
    I made one with all my rolls of duct tape... in strips. about 50 different colors/ patterns. i took 2 12in. by 18 in tape fabrics ( no sticky sides) and3 12in by 4 in tape fabrics (still no sticky side) and taped all 3 of the 12 by 4 in. strips to 3 of the sides, then taped the other 12 by 18 in sheet to one of the 12 by 4 strips, so the big sheets where even, and tapes them all together. then whatever side is still open, i made a sheet big enough to tape on, and enough to overlap, so it would shut with velcro. and then made 2 straps big enough for my liking on the back with a thickness of 4 inches. and taped a loop of tape at the top, so i could put it on a hook. if you wanted to ( which i did) i made a pencil case to match with a place to put it on the inside, a case on the outside for my drumsticks, and another on the other side for my mallets. and a small compartment on the inside for anything i needed to put on there. HAVE FUN!!!

  • cosmo about 13 months ago
    awsome,but can you please put instructions thanks a lot :)

  • awesomegirl about 13 months ago
    So cool i have made 2 of theas

  • Mrs.Duct-tape-chic about 13 months ago
    Plz tell us how

  • Duckytime about 13 months ago
    please upload instuctions i need to make this

  • lilith1736 about 14 months ago
    If you want to learn the insructions to this bag email me at lilith1736@gmail.com. @emily.and.abby I made this on the first day of school a 5:00 am so shut up!!!