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Binder Cover Bag

Ducktivity provided by nnleroux

So what is it really? A binder cover with purse straps so you can easily carry it! It has velcro tabs on the side to keep it from opening, and to keep all your items from falling out. Add a few pockets and it is extremely useful!

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  • Step 1

    The Outside, lay the binder out flat on paper and trace the edges. Mark where the spine of the binder is on the outline. Add 1/4" to the outside of the traced outline. Make a double sided fabric and follow the paper pattern you have cut out. Make 2 thinner double sided strips of Duck Tape, measuring the length you want for your straps. The Inside flaps, measure about 5" from the spine edge, make a double sided fabric and cut two of the inside flaps. The Closing flaps, make a double sided fabric cut two 3" squares for a 1 1/2" to 2" binder (Longer if you are using a large binder) Round off two corners on one end. Add Velcro tabs as needed to close.


  • zebramask123 about 24 months ago
    I am making something like that right now. I found an old binder and three old folders. I'm just covering them in duck tape, but ill post results!(make a ductivite)

  • k+h100 about 25 months ago
    Love it! I am going to make one soon!

  • stellag603 about 25 months ago