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Drawstring Backpack

Ducktivity provided by virtuousducKiezbesties

got bored yesterday and this is what i made

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  • EmmyTheMasterMind about 4 months ago

  • whitval05 about 5 months ago

  • LoStacy about 5 months ago

  • mirroryew about 6 months ago

  • sgonz96840 about 6 months ago

  • giggleboxtrish about 7 months ago

  • fish01 about 7 months ago

  • Brenda01 about 7 months ago

  • elenaki44 about 8 months ago

  • elenaki44 about 8 months ago

  • angelica07 about 8 months ago

  • kaja10 about 8 months ago
    so cute

  • kaja10 about 8 months ago
    so cute

  • leahmurdoch67 about 8 months ago

  • coveredwagon about 8 months ago

  • giggleboxtrish about 8 months ago

  • Yellow Ducky about 9 months ago

  • writergirl9 about 9 months ago

  • purpleemma about 10 months ago
    so cute and fun!

  • Kayla 207 about 10 months ago
    how do you do it

  • kylebuschfan about 11 months ago
    this is so cute!

  • craftsbydaniela about 11 months ago

  • Sourbear about 22 months ago

  • ClaireBear233 about 23 months ago
    So cute!

  • BiteSizeMeMow! about 43 months ago
    You should show me how to make that!!!:)

  • ducttapequeen2602 about 45 months ago
    plz post how to make luv it

  • megbeth98 about 45 months ago
    This would be a 5 but...................... there is NO directions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AWESOMESAUCE19 about 46 months ago
    Very cute, but can you post the directions???

  • megster07 about 47 months ago
    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Braceface2510 about 47 months ago
    How Did u make it! love draw string bag email me the insturctionsm please

  • jnbyrd9 about 47 months ago
    SO COOL! Please put instructions!

  • mmoney about 47 months ago
    i think i know how to make put up a vid just incase luv it!!!!!!!

  • k<3 about 48 months ago
    This is AMAZING! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE post how to make it!!! It's sooo cute! =]

  • ducktapesensei about 48 months ago
    Hey cool! i can make the same one!

  • stephcb about 48 months ago
    hi great job! from stephanie

  • gillianroxx about 48 months ago
    soo cute!!!

  • TatyAnne:D about 48 months ago
    Nice. I would try and make one too but you didn't leave any directions. :(

  • ibgurl18 about 48 months ago
    That is very adorable!

  • spparky123400 about 48 months ago
    srry but dat really sucks

  • Krystantb97 about 48 months ago
    This is so cute ahh!!!<3

  • i <3 Jesus about 48 months ago
    So cool!

  • GOOGLE about 48 months ago
    wow it is so cool but how do u make it

  • PeaceAndLove13 about 48 months ago
    That is so cool!!!! How did you make that?!?!

  • ducktapelover5956 about 49 months ago
    so cute! im so gonna make one!!!!

  • 7r53 about 49 months ago
    I love the desighn. It is really cool, but can the strings be pulled so they can close the top of the bag? Plus, it is not 100% Duck Tape. It is Still very cool!

  • hawaii504 about 49 months ago
    This is awesome. i need something like that for dance class. PLEASE put a tutorial on it!!!!!! See my website at www.graceswallets.weebly.com

  • scout5 about 49 months ago
    That is so amazing can u tell me how to make it pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crazy4ducktape about 49 months ago
    That is soooo cute! Would you consider leaving directions on the comment board? (-:

  • gymnasticsrocks about 49 months ago
    thats realy cool how do u make it

  • kissy2001 about 49 months ago
    that was pretty cool

  • DUCKLOVER421 about 49 months ago
    post instructions :^)

  • labiba1965 about 49 months ago
    sooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • ducktapewalrus about 49 months ago
    love it l o v e LOVE IT

  • Zebragirl2016 about 49 months ago
    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SHOW HOW YOU MADE AND GIVE ME THE LINK!!!!! :)