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duck tape book mark

Ducktivity provided by hayz

take two pieces of duct tape how ever long you want them. Hole punch it at the top. Then put a piece of ribbon through the hole and tie it.

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  • Step 1

    cut two pieces of duct tape how ever long you want them. Stick them together. hole punch them at the top. Put ribbon through the hole. hope you like it


  • rhellinger about 27 months ago
    Those are so cute

  • ducktapegirl17101 about 27 months ago
    i love the music one. overall they are pretty basic but you can do many things to make them AWESOME.

  • agsingers about 28 months ago
    cute omg i love them

  • bacon girl101 about 28 months ago
    that is really cute i want 1 so thanks for the instructions :D

  • Ermy24 about 28 months ago
    Thats pretty cute.Thanks for instructions!

  • sparklist about 28 months ago
    great job . you did great. good luck from sparklist