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Duck Tape Messenger Bags

Ducktivity provided by Duck queen 1012

100% duck tape striped messenger bags took 25-40 mins to make

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  • Duck queen 1012 about 47 months ago
    ok who cares if there r instructions i told yall were they were and i have ALOT of original stuff!!!!!!!! oh and its just that there is a strip of tape on the straps

  • XxCrazyDuckxX about 47 months ago
    i would put 5 but there r no instrcutions

  • iluvducktape101 about 48 months ago

  • kiddo about 49 months ago
    it looks great but how well does it hold up

  • Liv_Luvz_Duct_Tape about 49 months ago
    just use the girls instructions and put them into your own words that way your not coppying her

  • iloveducktape12345 about 49 months ago
    i thougt you made it yourself. you should try makeing something oringanal. i do it all the time!

  • TheErinMarie about 50 months ago
    Absolutely amazing! how do the straps stay?

  • Duck queen 1012 about 50 months ago
    Ok I'm sorry I did dent put up instructions but I myself actually found the instructions on YouTube a girl made a video on how I suggest you check ther thx

  • rallarooo:) about 50 months ago
    hey can you put some instructions up plz thx

  • heiser45 about 50 months ago
    HI, can you plz leave the instructions, I would love to make one!Plz

  • katiep1840 about 50 months ago
    does it hold a lot of weight??

  • kookylight about 50 months ago
    Instructions Please?

  • 18kellyn about 50 months ago
    This is cool, but i am new here and i can't find instructions. Plz tell me where they r.

  • Beto Gonzalez about 51 months ago