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Ducky Tape Folders

Ducktivity provided by ekekek


Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • floder
  • duck tape
  • scissors
  • floder
  • duck tape
  • scissors


  • I<3Ducktape125 about 24 months ago
    Some ppl just cover stuff. Thats what u do. I made one without a actual folder WITHOUT knowing a folder was being used. Just saying u dont HAVE to use the folder. But for beginners it is good for them to start with a folder if they want to do this project.

  • hemullen14 about 47 months ago
    how do you weave ducttape i have an idea in my head but i tried it out and it looked like a peice of crap!!!

  • hemullen14 about 47 months ago
    if they are soooo awesome,then why dont you post the instructions? share with your friends!!! come on ,u no u want to!!!!

  • cmanni99 about 47 months ago
    These are so fun to make, I watched a video by duck brand and it was so fun to make, yours look REALLY COOL!!!!

  • memphisbell about 47 months ago
    post instructions please!!!!!!!!

  • Cooperrta about 48 months ago
    dude post the instructions