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duct tape backpack

Ducktivity provided by pompomjazz

Vey creative n fashionable for school!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • zebra tape
  • blue tape
  • green tape
  • orange tape
  • purple tape
  • scissors
  • big area


  • Step 1

    take the green duct tape and roll out a pice of 3 or 4 feet long, do the same with the blue and repeat until however you sesire you want of pieces .over lap the duct tape so both colors are showing and keep repating so you see allof your 7 or more duct tape lined together

  • Step 2

    turn fabric to sticky side up , and repeat step one, till he whole pieces have no stickie sides. cut off extra edges.

  • Step 3

    fold one side more than half way. than fold the other side over. take a piece of duct tape ( long) and secure the left side for no hole and do the right to.

  • Step 4

    now take the purvle duct tape and make a very long piece. make a piece the same length and put it over the other so theres no stick side. ttake a small piece of zebra and tape both ends to make a strap

  • Step 5

    do the same thing with the srap, and make another so u have 2 extra straps. now use the zebra to tape the other straps vertical on either side, and there you have a duct tape backpack!