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duct tape journal

Ducktivity provided by bethanyjournal

this will take alot of time if you do it right. you have to hand sew each signature. 1. cut all paper into desierd size rectangel (will be folded in halvs)2. set paper into signatures (say 3 pages of paper stack then fold so they look like a tiny book)3. do this for all paper then stack all signatures4. take pen and make line or dots on spine of paper stacks this is where you will poke holes (they must match up)5. punch in holes (for safety put a pillow on ur lap so you dont hurt yourself)6. take thread through needle and sow each signature to the next using an in and out then up method. (do this tightly)7. get thin placemat and cut to fit size of paper book like a cover.8. cover placemat with duct tape.9. glue (not regular glue, glue that dries flexible) your cover to the book and spine as it is a flexible cover10. get duct tape and tape back half a signature on each end of book to cover.11. decorate. if you dont like seeing the seems just put ribbon between them.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • ole
  • paper
  • duct tape
  • glue
  • thread
  • needle
  • placemat
  • decorations


  • squarebobswag about 13 months ago
    that is so cool im not exactly sure how to make it yet but im still trying

  • SB17 about 24 months ago
    can u make a video how to make it

  • peggz2002 about 25 months ago
    this is AWESOMEEEE is there any way i can buy one from you already made...? I actually crushed the radial bone in my elbow and wont be able to do anything like that for quite awhile but would love to get one for my sweety for her birthday.. Please let me know...<