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Duct Tape Pencil Case

Ducktivity provided by stellag603

Do you have a duck tape binder? You know what would match? A duct tape pencil case!

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  • Step 1

    Cut 4 strips of equal sizes and make them stick together, only a bit over-lapping.

  • Step 2

    Repeat step 1

  • Step 3

    Stick step 1 and step 2 together and fold in half. Tape the sides up

  • Step 4

    Make a flap out of 3 strips of duck tape. You are basically repeat the first 3 steps but don't tape up the sides

  • Step 5

    Duck tape the back of the flap up and attach the velcro to the front. Now you have made a duck tape pencil case!


  • stellag603 about 26 months ago
    who cares? to dennelau000

  • dennelau000 about 26 months ago
    the neon stripes are scotch brand :/