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Ducttape Binder Instructions

Ducktivity provided by IHeartDuckies

I made this in about 45 minutes, including doing the design/trimming off the edges. I was getting tired of looking at my beat-up binder, so I made a new one..out of DUCT TAPE!! :)

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • One to Two Rolls of Duct Tape
  • A Good Pair of Scissors
  • About 30-45 Minutes
  • Optional: Sharpie/Markers
  • One to Two Rolls of Duct Tape
  • A Good Pair of Scissors
  • About 30-45 Minutes
  • Optional: Sharpie/Markers


  • Step 1

    Get all of the supplies you need.

  • Step 2

    Take your binder, and lay it out with the inside down.

  • Step 3

    With your binder still laying out, cut a strip of duct tape, enough to cover the corner of your binder.
    (Don't worry; if you don't want it parallel, I am going to post how to make it straight as well.)

  • Step 4

    Continue doing the strips parallel-y until you have covered the whole section of the binder.

  • Step 5

    Cut off all of the extra duct tape hanging off. Or, if you want, just tuck in the part that doesn't connect to the middle of the binder. The part that does overlap the middle of the binder, cut off.
    It should look like the picture afterwards.

  • Step 6

    Now, for the middle of the binder, you can either do it across....

  • Step 7

    ....or up and down!

  • Step 8

    The other side of the binder, you can simply do the same thing as the other side. Or, you can make it up and down (or even side-to-side!) like I did!
    *Tip: Just do the same thing as making parallel side of the binder, except make the strips of duct tape side-to-side, or up and down.*

  • Step 9

    You're done!
    (By the way, you can also take a Sharpie, or any other marker for that matter, and write/sketch/draw whatever you want on the front, back and sides.)
    Enjoy you're binder, comment please! :)


  • kathryn.potts.75 about 15 months ago
    I like it.

  • liv4ever about 23 months ago
    Did the same thing with my old beat up binder from 4th grade! by the way it is penguin moustache and rainbow - has a pen holder on front! lol my computer wont let me post things sorry so you cant see pics of it my computer is weird like that

  • laurenping about 30 months ago

  • Leelee176 about 43 months ago
    like the fact u can give steps on how to make it but hate the colors purple and green would look best!

  • cocoapebbles1 about 45 months ago
    thats cool do u have a wbsite?

  • jazmyne.burfine about 47 months ago
    GOOD JOB!!!

  • ducttapequeen2602 about 47 months ago
    so cool love it

  • Ladyducktape11 about 47 months ago
    WOW!! thats cool!

  • skibeav about 48 months ago
    That is so cool!!!!