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Flower Ziplock Pencil Pouch

Ducktivity provided by jmrox16

this is my pencil pouch with a flower on it. first i just did a plain pouch just covered in duct tape but then i decided to put a flower on it. it has sequins in the middle. i think it came out really good. you can see more of my creations at neonisthenewsilver.weebly.com (do you get the name? my dad doesn't, but as fellow dt crafters, you guys should ha ha) bye

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • duct tape
  • ziplock baggie
  • scissors
  • sequins
  • duct tape
  • ziplock baggie
  • scissors
  • sequins


  • Leelee176 about 44 months ago
    Awesome but isn't that cheating using a regular pencil pouch and just covering it with duct tape? Ha! It's still awesome!

  • jkhowley about 47 months ago

  • LittleOne about 47 months ago
    Thats pretty! But I think its to small for pencils. Do u think so???? But other wize It amazing and cute!

  • Wife Of Darren about 48 months ago
    Hey, I tried to see your products, but weebly said you haven't published.