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Give Your Notebook Pazaz

Ducktivity provided by ductitorduckit?

Wow, so you know those horrible looking planners your school gives you? Well, mine was especially bad. So I designed a new cover. You could do this over the summer to make your style known to a new school. Or maybe you couldn't get new notebooks, so make those old notebooks look fresh and creatively new! Have fun this year or summer doing something fun and entertaining! And have a great year!

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Approximate Crafting Time: 



  • Step 1

    Get as many or as little colors as you want!

  • Step 2

    pull out a piece a little bit over the edge of the cover, both ways. It will look like this.

  • Step 3

    So after you have it layed out, flatten the piece so it will lay flat. Then fold the corners over the edge to give you a clean line.

  • Step 4

    keep adding pieces of tape till you get to the end, and on the last piece it will (hopefully) go to the edge, BUT NOT OVER (that's the next piece)

  • Step 5

    The last piece will be folded over length wise. so put the piece half way off the edge. Then fold it over to get a little extra on the top and bottom of the notebook/planner (where my finger is pointing to). All you have to do is cut it off, and mold it to the corners. And Walla! You are ready to go to school tomorrow or next year.


  • kenagirl about 26 months ago
    what if your teacher dissapproves?

  • rich chic 144 about 50 months ago

  • shgracie about 51 months ago
    My school uses the stupidest planner. The front cover was STOP SMOKING! I covered it in duck tape, and it was better!

  • Ducky11 about 52 months ago
    Cool but I'm pretty sure my school won't let us do that I'll have to see. Our planners are purple not the best things ever.

  • nyager about 56 months ago
    I like it!!!

  • ductitorduckit? about 61 months ago
    These are out of order sorry, this is the true order: get your tape, pull the tape, flatten as much as possible, layer, lastly. And this did have pictures. Also this is not usable for hardcover books, use a bag for a cover and not directly on the cover.

  • Kalirus1234567 about 61 months ago
    My Planners aren't so bad, but this is really cool and creative :D

  • ilovesabie about 63 months ago

  • ilovemusic4 about 63 months ago
    COOL! im in middle school, and they give us the UGLYEST planners ever!! thnx for the idea!!! (: