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Locker Organizer

Ducktivity provided by ductgurl

Does your locker look like a junk pile? Well you are in the right place come check out my duct tape locker organizer and that is the solution to your problems!!!!

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  • Step 1

    Get your Shoebox lid WIDE OR NARROW!!!

  • Step 2

    Cut some duct tape


  • DT+potterlove about 20 months ago
    That is seriously awesome. I love the idea for the cork board! I should totally make one!

  • DTL about 21 months ago
    im surprised i haven't seen anyone at my school with these. but thats about to change. im SOOOO making one.

  • girlygirl4006 about 24 months ago
    Awesome! Nice when you have/ need some extra organizing in the middle of the year!

  • k+h100 about 24 months ago
    Soooooo cute!!!!!!