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Locker Pouch with Magnets

Ducktivity provided by Abby_G

My mom wanted me to make her something to collect Box Top for Education labels in. So I made her a pouch with magnets in it to stick to the refrigerator. She loved it so much she asked me to make another one to put pop tabs in. Now I am making more for my locker at school. One to hold index cards and another to hold pens and pencils.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Awesome duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Awesome duct tape
  • Scissors


  • amefb5 about 6 months ago
    Good idea

  • saintsfan about 26 months ago

  • LittleMissDucks about 39 months ago
    Its really really good!!!!!!!! Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a tut or add instructions? Here's why: A) ITS FREAKIN AWESOME!! B)My friends will be SOOO jealous! C) Its awesome! (I think I said that already)

  • craftgirl01 about 43 months ago
    cute idea, but really, instructions please :)!!!!! you got my hopes up to add something cool to my locker and now i am bummed! ( and it is all your fault) haha

  • stucktoducttape about 46 months ago
    don't see instructions! but really good thinking i would have never thought of that

  • summarie99 about 47 months ago
    Instructions... Don't see them!

  • t'sducktapegoods about 47 months ago
    I love it could you add an how to on it

  • Ductapeninja24 about 47 months ago
    Instructions? Please Leave! I'm looking for fun activities that have instructions!

  • Doctor Tape 2 Much about 47 months ago
    Creative! :D

  • Blackrose12300 about 47 months ago
    it kool

  • mom22butifulgrls about 47 months ago
    I would like the instructions on how to make this...where are they?

  • sblizzard about 47 months ago
    Please include instructions on how to make this.