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My Bunch of Flowers

Ducktivity provided by jmrox16

these are my flower pens some of them have green for the stem and "leaves" and some of them have that cool butterfly print i think they look awesome. some people have been asking me to post detailed instructions on how to make my flowers so here they are:-cut out 24 1 in. pieces and make them into the pointy petal shape-put them on a pen covered in duct tape 4 at a time, creating "layers" putting the second row between the 1st row and (see the instructions)

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • pens
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • pens


  • Step 1

    (cont.) then the third row in the same pattern as the 1st. continue on, saving 8 petals
    -using the 8 remaining petals, fill in the empty spots to make it even (depending on how u place them, you may need to cut more petals)
    -add four leaves and BABAM! u hav a flower pen!!!! enjoy!!!