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My Pencil Box that My Class Loves

Ducktivity provided by loverofducttape

I needed a new pencil box because my old one broke! I love duct tape so i made a duct tape pencil box! A lot of my class loves it except for the jealous people!!!! it looks a little wrinkled because its been in my bag a lot!!!

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  • chase11 about 25 months ago
    AAAAAHHHHH!!! SO CUTE!Plase post instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ducktapelover5956 about 52 months ago
    oh my gosh thats soooo cute im gonna try so post the instructions please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • juswakiforduckbrand about 55 months ago
    Its Awesome Kiddo! You can make some extra monies should you choose to sell or charge to teach them how to make them when they get their own tape. Have Fun and don't let the jealous ones bother you. Keep up the creations.

  • loverofducttape about 56 months ago
    it was 2tapes thick

  • puppylilon about 57 months ago
    Thats really cool! how many rows of tape did u use? i used 3 that that was too thick. Did u use 2?