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Ducktivity provided by dtluvr

I was tired of my old backpack so I decided to be creative and make one out of duck tape. Then I added a rose to complete it. I ended up with this amazing backpack. For more info on the backpack or info on anything else, email me at jenbfmol@gmail.com Thx

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  • imapeach about 28 months ago
    So cute!

  • lilliycity about 51 months ago
    dude i am going 2 a school with lots of homework that is going to break eiasily in my case sorry i give it a thumbs down but cute 4 kinder gardner

  • katiep1840 about 51 months ago
    cute! does it hold a good amount of weight??

  • virtuousducKiezbesties about 53 months ago
    me and my bestest friend made drawstring ones I will try to uplaoad a picture of mine