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Useful Bookmark

Ducktivity provided by dumbbrunette330

I collect bookmarks, so as soon as I got into duck tape, it was the first thing i made. this is one of my new and improved versions. it is soooo cute and stylish!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • two colors of duck tape
  • scissors
  • two colors of duck tape
  • scissors


  • Step 1

    from one color, make a fabric about six and a half inches long, and 1 strip wide. layer the fabric so it isn't flimsy and weak. you want a firm bookmark, right?

  • Step 2

    cut off the raggedy edges. then make a triangle shape on one side so it looks like you basically chopped off the corners

  • Step 3

    decorate with your other color. i used the initial of my dog! you can do hearts, smiley faces, peace signs, or you could even use stickers. any way you like!!! hope this worked for you! leave me a comment if you have questions or comments!!!