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Dance Competition Cart

Ducktivity provided by Abbs

I needed somthing to put all my stuff for my dance competitions. And I read on-line that you can use one of those rolling toolboxes and decorate it. I thought what a better way to show that I love zebra print and Duck Tape than to decorate it with that.

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  • I9Z9Z about 28 months ago
    That is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! :-)

  • hawaii504 about 47 months ago
    check out my website www.graceswallets.weebly.com

  • Sarsoor about 48 months ago
    so cool

  • iheartcamphuckins about 49 months ago
    wow that really works i didnt even think of it

  • Liv_Luvz_Duct_Tape about 49 months ago
    i <3 it!

  • sfclimbs about 49 months ago
    So, it rox!!! <333 not a lot of stuff is 100% tape. go check out the prom contest page. LOTS of dresses so "lined with fabric"

  • ducktapesensei about 50 months ago
    No offense but that is not 100 percent duck tape. Still it is okay i guess.