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Duck Tape® Tailgating Flag

Ducktivity provided by Duck® Brand

Create tailgating flags with your favorite team colors or use College Duck Tape® to show your school spirit.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Duck Tape®
  • Dowel Rod
  • Pen
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Crafting board


  • Step 1

    Make a piece of Duck Tape® fabric that is the size you want for your flag. 


  • Step 2

    On one side of your fabric, draw a triangular shape using your pen.

  • Step 3

    Cut out your triangle shape. Add a border with a corresponding print of color if desired. 

  • Step 4

    Cover a dowel rod in the color or printed  Duck Tape®. 

  • Step 5

    Attach your triangle to the top of the covered dowel rod. Decorate with words or designs to personalize your flag!


  • jessyka.dauphinais about 10 days ago

  • Leslie@777 about 13 days ago
    looks simple & easy!

  • Lynnpoo about 14 days ago
    nice for a kid

  • beaukatz about 18 days ago

  • beaukatz about 18 days ago

  • jamieWalker about 18 days ago

  • dbvernon about 20 days ago

  • kimbo123143 about a month ago
    easy enough

  • luvpappa about a month ago
    This would make a great gift with his favorite sport's team duck tape

  • Buttercup12345678 about a month ago

  • pahhistings about a month ago

  • creativeduck about 2 months ago

  • fish01 about 2 months ago
    so cute!

  • Brenda01 about 2 months ago

  • redgouki2 about 2 months ago
    nice idea

  • JennyJellyBean about 2 months ago

  • pamela.buffington about 2 months ago

  • pamela.buffington about 2 months ago
    cute idea...

  • karstan4 about 2 months ago

  • choclatechip1 about 2 months ago
    super cool

  • greeneyedmike about 3 months ago

  • racheliredhead about 3 months ago

  • joy.mccollumporter about 3 months ago

  • elenaki44 about 3 months ago

  • moonglo615 about 3 months ago
    I like this :)

  • susan.smithscardina about 4 months ago
    good idea!

  • dotdel59 about 4 months ago
    looks like fun

  • sherry.meeks.96 about 4 months ago

  • dawn.sumner about 4 months ago
    gonna make some for FOOTBALL season

  • musiccrazy247 about 5 months ago
    I really like the blue border

  • musiccrazy247 about 5 months ago
    I really like the blue border

  • musiccrazy247 about 5 months ago
    I really like the blue border

  • musiccrazy247 about 5 months ago
    I really like the blue border

  • pillowback3lw1@aol.com about 6 months ago

  • shannan.robeton about 6 months ago

  • waqar45 about 7 months ago

  • djfields about 7 months ago

  • JBailey5 about 7 months ago

  • animagus731 about 8 months ago

  • brenda307 about 8 months ago
    this is so rad

  • cc45 about 8 months ago

  • cc45 about 8 months ago

  • citlaly45 about 8 months ago

  • blue1000 about 8 months ago

  • PKozma about 8 months ago

  • pillowback3lw1@aol.com about 8 months ago

  • winifred.boyce.98 about 8 months ago
    pretty nice

  • sonam about 8 months ago

  • manon.dumay.716 about 8 months ago
    simple enough

  • ricardo.aguirrecalzada about 9 months ago

  • triasm about 9 months ago
    my little guy will like it

  • susan.johnson.779857 about 9 months ago
    lots of fun!

  • lori.gazaille about 9 months ago
    I am going to make this! It is perfect for me to personalize with my sons race car #.

  • caraleann99 about 9 months ago
    Pretty neat!

  • Blazer19 about 9 months ago
    aha thats interesting!

  • whitval05 about 9 months ago

  • catsimmie about 9 months ago
    Made these with NFL tape for the Superbowl for a friend and everyone at the party loved them and wished I had made some for them. Even made smaller ones out of the tape that was left over after cutting them so I got essentially 3 flags out of each project.

  • gracieboo5 about 9 months ago
    want to make for kids bikes

  • REDSOX1985 about 9 months ago
    Go Patriots...

  • bellarachelscrafts about 9 months ago

  • corinne.klinetop about 9 months ago

  • katrin96840 about 9 months ago

  • Reba about 11 months ago
    Walmart's duct tape is pretty cheap!

  • malcolm lion about 11 months ago

  • mamatheman about 11 months ago
    @mgilmo1 I like to buy mine at target, it has from $3.99 to $3.39

  • elaina335 about 39 months ago
    hung some flags in my room!!!!!

  • sfclimbs about 39 months ago
    Target is pretty cheap, and walmart. (not including licensed tape)

  • mgilmo1 about 39 months ago
    wheres the place where they sell the cheepest duct tape

  • michele52 about 40 months ago
    I buy all my duck tape at Home Depot!

  • Alleycat313 about 41 months ago
    Very cool idea! I'm excited to try a few with my school colors(red, grey, and black) and my favorite football teams colors (Ohio State, Scarlet & Gray)!:)

  • ducttapeninja12 about 45 months ago
    soccursurf13, remember, it says where you can get duck tape :)

  • juswakiforduckbrand about 45 months ago
    Great Idea for all party need...and lasts a lot long there than that ones used at the car dealer. I could see me making this for the college.

  • mayadunlovesduck about 46 months ago
    this is easy i love it alot :) lol smily face:)

  • Duckiegirl about 46 months ago
    Awesome! Also soccersurf13 you can find it at walmart!

  • abieboo94 about 47 months ago
    soccersurf13 you can get green duct tape at micheals! its is 4.00 per roll!

  • soccersurf13 about 47 months ago
    Looks easy and Fun to make.... were do you get dark green duck tape?