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A Wallet Made By Me

Ducktivity provided by duck'duptape

Well, its a wallet with 2 front pockets that are "secret". I will soon release some directions if you guys like it alot.enjoy.....[ps....i got a site im working on...where you can buy this...site isn't done tho.....]

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  • duck'duptape about 51 months ago
    here is my site: You can buy the wallet there :)http://duckduptape.webs.com/ click[url=http://duckduptape.webs.com/]here[/url]

  • Nerdygirl98 about 52 months ago
    Awesome!! Please post your website!! Or, check out mine: www.taystapeinc.wordpress.com

  • jojo-beans about 54 months ago
    props to the wallet. i can do almost anything with duck tape yet i fail when it comes to making wallets. yours looks very clean and well made

  • about 55 months ago
    I would really love to learn how to make this! You should totally post instructions! :)

  • coqui about 55 months ago
    I'd like an open view to decide. Sized to hole standard card or pic size?