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Awesome Duck Tape Wallet

Ducktivity provided by heather24242

I made a Zebra and puple Duck Tape wallet. On the front it has a big H in zebra. On the inside it opens to make a spot for dollar bills, and it has 6 credit card holders. On the back it has a zebra change pocket, that opens and closes with velcro.

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  • Step 1

    The inside of the wallet has a slot to hold dollar bills, and 6 credit card holders.

  • Step 2

    The back of the wallet has a zebra coin pouch, that opens and closes with velcro!

  • Step 3


1 comment

  • heather24242 about 53 months ago
    sorry guys, the pictures got messesed up, i had differnt pictures for the back and inside, but they must not have worked.