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Awesome Duct Tape Wallet

Ducktivity provided by kiwifruit16

I made this wallet for my friend and she loves it. Hope you do too!

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  • cmanni99 about 51 months ago
    Cute! I love the bow! Good Job!

  • duckster123 about 51 months ago
    cute (clean it up) :)

  • kiwifruit16 about 53 months ago
    Here are instructions. Hope you kinda get it! To make this wallet, just follow the instructions for the duct tape wallet that the duckbrand people make, but instead of pockets on both sides on the right side there is a coin purse. To make the coin purse, make a long sheet of duct tape about an inch in a halfish wide and 5 or 6 inches long and then fold it in half but leave room for a small flap to close over it. Tape the sides together but DON'T tape stick on the coin purse yet. lol then get a tiney "closer" as you see in the pic to close the purse and stick that on from the back. Then take a piece of duct tape and fold it in 3rds so that it is sticky on both sides and stick that on the back of the coin purse and stick it on the right side of the wallet! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

  • cheyleigh28star about 53 months ago
    of course black goes with purple(:

  • LyndseyLouAnne16 about 53 months ago

  • rebekahharris13@gmail.com about 53 months ago

  • rebekahharris13@gmail.com about 53 months ago
    Awesome Wallet! :) dose purple look good with black?