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Cupcake Wallet

Ducktivity provided by puppywuppy10

This is a duck tape wallet with a duck tape cupcake on the front. I'm going to give it to my friend for her birthday!!!

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  • duct tape mania 13 about 24 months ago
    i like the idea but its a lil sloppy but it cld look better

  • stellag603 about 25 months ago
    so cute

  • saintsfan about 25 months ago
    that cupcakes cute!

  • bacon girl101 about 28 months ago
    that is sooooooo cute how did u post it???/

  • rahma about 29 months ago

  • makado01 about 29 months ago
    so cool wallet! great cupcake on the front. 1like=1vote

  • mgilmo1 about 49 months ago
    if you guys like this cupcake on her awsome wallet i made a cupcake on a purse for a little girl i know. just some tips :D hope this helped you

  • Ducttapeninja#1 about 49 months ago
    mmmmm... now i want a cupcake

  • soccer468 about 49 months ago
    cool how did u make the cupcake

  • Peace123 about 50 months ago
    Where is the instrutions.

  • cmanni99 about 50 months ago
    This will make a great birthday present for your friend! I love it!

  • mgilmo1 about 50 months ago
    really cute how did you make it ???

  • atrot17 about 50 months ago
    so how did u make that B)~atrot17

  • smitty14 about 50 months ago
    I love the cupcake design! It is so cute!

  • Caraflip about 50 months ago