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Cute Bifold Wallet

Ducktivity provided by Abbo1231

This amazing wallet is super simple to make as long as you know you basic folds and cuts! My computer was messing up, so heres how to make one! Materials Needed: 2-3 colors of Duct Tape, X-Acto Knife or Scissors, Ruler, a Workspace, and Something to cut on 1. Lay out your materials on your workspace. 2. Cut out eight strips of duct tape, as long as you want your wallet to be and the main color of the wallet. 3. Using the strips you cut out in step one, make a fabric by laying one strip sticky side up and placing another one stick side down on the first one. Be sure to leave a little sticky showing. Flip the sheet and place another sticky side down on the showing white. Flip over and repeat until you use all of your eight strips. Fold over the remaining sticky ness that might be showing on your sheets sides. 4. Fold the sheet in half hotdog style. 5. Now we will begin the inner pockets. Cut six three and a half inches long. Lay one strip sticky side up on your working space. Put another strip on top, sticky side down. Repeat two times. Stick the sheets on one side of your wallet with smaller strips. Use the same technique to make one sheet with clear scotch packaging tape. Tape onto with smaller pieces. Now your done! If you want you can outline your wallet with different color tape. Be creative!

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  • Abbo1231 about 25 months ago
    I know, I couldn't add directions, my computer was SUPER slow...

  • ducktapestar123 about 26 months ago
    thats a lot of words