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Cute Clutch Wallet!! :)

Ducktivity provided by zombiesluvcupcakes51401

It is approx. 7" wide, and there is an envelope, type thing to hold your change and money. You can add 3 or more card holders. (I used 3) :) You can even add a cute pic! ;)

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Solid Tape
  • Pattern Tape
  • Picture
  • Scissors
  • Velcro
  • Duct Tape Sheet
  • Sticker


  • miajumps about 31 months ago
    that's so cool. can you please send direction

  • AweSoMenEss2222 about 31 months ago
    PLEEEESE SEND ME THE DIRECTIONS TO THIS TONIGHT!! i need to know how to make the pockets for my best best best friend's bday present TOMARROW!! sooo plz!

  • Kyana Kylee about 31 months ago
    Me and my Friends convo. about this women's wallet: Lauren"Wow look at that wallet it is really nice and clean!" Hailey"Ya it is really cute Kiki can you make me one?" Me"ya totally i have all of the supplies and i am obsessed with duct tape ill make it tonight." Hailey"oaky i cant wait!" its gonna loookk just like this one just a tiny bit different thanks for posting these pics it is really nice neat and clean

  • toxictoosies about 31 months ago
    That is so cool. But only 4 stars because no directions... but I see that u wouldn't want to because it is REALLY HARD AND AWESOMEEEE! How do u do those pockets?

  • Puppylove14 about 32 months ago
    Hey I love that wallet. Could u give me the directions I would love to make one!!!

  • kljg10 about 32 months ago
    I wish I knew how to make it but cant because theres no directions :(

  • Ermy24 about 32 months ago

  • caycross about 32 months ago
    Please send me the directions. I love it!