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Domo Wallet

Ducktivity provided by Asian Ninja Duck

Bi fold, my basic design of 4 pockets, 1 ID slot, a hidden pocket, and the billfold.

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  • dark princess about 19 months ago
    post directions please that would bve really help full nice and cute design

  • CraftsbyMGM about 19 months ago
    Nice job cutting out the design!

  • DuctTapeIsAmazing about 53 months ago
    Im. Obsessed. With. This.

  • sammia1 about 54 months ago
    love it made it last night so cute :)

  • juswakiforduckbrand about 54 months ago
    Awesome Idea.... Well Done. Thank You for the Inspiration.

  • dtgeek3 about 54 months ago
    My b-friend daffodill is really awesome. No offense, but I like the beige better than brown. Btw, your suppost to say: ok i completely agree with u. biege IS better than brown. I bet her b-friend is really cool." none taken about offense

  • dtgeek3 about 54 months ago
    Very nice job. My friend Daffodill (ha ha) makes some like that, except with beige. He (ya wierd name, i know) makes it fold down 2 times and it is so COOL! Peace-love-duct tape~ dtgeek3

  • about 54 months ago
    That is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute ! Would you please post directions! ?