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Duck Tape Money Holder

Ducktivity provided by b99jenna

well i needed somewere to put my money so i just satrted makeing it

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 



  • Step 1

    get a shoe box or anysort of box ..

  • Step 2

    get any color ducktape and start raping it around the box entill the box is full of duck tape

  • Step 3

    right any thing u want on the box works best with a sharpie (example: insert money here)

  • Step 4

    get scissors and stab them into the box to make a hole to insert your money into

  • Step 5

    put your money in and save your money in this kewl box


  • duckygirl17 about 54 months ago
    its just a shoebox covered in duct tape nothing special you would be better of with a piggybank

  • Gymnast_Bug about 58 months ago
    Flip fest! I miss the days of Flip Fest! Good luck saving the money in your Duck Tape Box! (:

  • b99jenna about 58 months ago
    miss ducktape flipfest is a camp i am saving money to go to

  • MissDuckTape about 58 months ago

  • MissDuckTape about 58 months ago
    what does flip fest mean?